Corporate SEO Solutions
Corporate SEO Solutions can enter the project at any stage in the lifecycle; at the onset, during the project, or closer to a deadline. Our services include content writing, link building, SEO reports and management, and article marketing.
Certified SEO professionals and qualified consultants work together on these services, spanning a variety of subjects. We offer complete SEO, SEM or IM solution packages for all sized enterprises. Alternatively, we provide individual services for specific sections of campaigns, such as article and content writing or link building. Our agency has experienced and dynamic SEO analysts who possess a strong background in project management, allowing them to work quickly and efficiently on understanding requirements and delivering on time. Digital media and marketing agencies may outsource SEO projects or campaigns to us, releasing time and productivity within their own teams to approach and service new clients while maintaining relationships with existing clients.

Keyword Techniques for Medical SEO Writers
As any seasoned content writer will know, the basic keyword technique when writing content is the keyword density. Most writers see keyword density as a the keyword or phrase percentage within the total word count. Amateur writers will attempt to to stuff their content full of keywords creating an awkward article for the reader in the belief that this will attract maximum SEO effect. Unfortunately this is not the case. Google can differentiate between keyword stuffing (spamming) and natural keyword prevalence.

Keyword Density Percentage
If you are writing content and focusing on keyword density by percentage, your efforts are probably wasted. Any article that does not grab a reader's attention or earn their trust will definitely not attract natural links from high PR websites. Poor spelling, bad grammar and a limited vocabulary are just some of the ways to detract readers and natural links.

Keyword stuffing can also be your downfall as it will ultimately affect the grammar of your work and not provide informative content in a reader friendly format. Don't worry if you are unable to achieve an 8% or 10% keyword density percentage. It means nothing anyway.

Keyword Density Graph
The other method to ensure that you have a healthy keyword prevalence is through a keyword density graph. This can be simply done by counting your total keywords, after writing naturally and professionally. Verify that your keywords are the dominant words in your text. Do not worry about prepositions (with, for, etc), articles (the, an, a, etc) or conjunctions (but, and, or, etc). These are ignored by Google anyway. Just ensure that your keywords are the most prevalent word(s) from the remaining words in your content.

An experienced writer is able to do this simply by highlighting the keywords and making a fairly accurate estimate by the naked eye. Alternatively, identify the dominant words in your text, count each and do a quick comparison to ensure that your keyword tops the list among prevalent words.

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