Directory Submission
Manual Directory Submission Service Getting links to your Website is critical if you want to improve your rank in the search engines and improve your overall traffic. The text of the links to your Website (aka anchor text) is the most important component used by the major search engines to rank you for that specific word and/or phrase. At Get Links Pro, we specialize in developing quality permanent backlinks for your Website. Please read on to learn more about our services and how they can help you improve your search engine rankings and traffic.

It's a proven fact that if you get more links to your Website, your Website will climb in the search engines. Unfortunately, getting these links is probably one of the most time consuming aspects of offpage SEO. That's where Get Links Pro comes in. We will submit your Website to the many Website Directories in our database. This is a manual and time consuming process, but by submitting manually we can make sure that your submissions are approved and appear in the appropriate category.

100 Link Package - A Sample of Our Services
We understand that many new customers may have reservations about trying a new company. This is why we introduced our 100 link package. It's a small sample of our complete services, but allows our valued customers the opportunity to get inbound links in a trial size (and priced) package.

Slow And Delayed Directory Submission
In order to build your backward links in a natural way and to make the search engine optimization process natural, we provide delayed directory submission service under which we submit your website at very slow rate to make the directory submission process more effective. If your website is new then these plan are going to be very beneficial for your SEO campaign. We have following delayed submissions plans.

Deep Link Directory Submission
It's very important to promote inner pages/folders of your website along with the home page when you start the SEO campaign. Your website gets more mileage when your inner pages are receive back links as It doesn't look natural that one page of website is linked across many pages/websites while other inner pages have no backward links. Deep link directory submission is best method to promote your inner pages.

Secondly, if you have large website with different sections / cateogories / services, you will be having many webpages with different titles and keywords,in such case it is advisable to create different titles and descriptions for each page. Each page should have own Mata tags and optimized according to page theme. Deep link directory submission helps you rank your website on those keywords.